ADA has a plan, the investment isn’t about money, it’s freedom. for BINANCEUS:ADAUSDT by Klinkontriton

The fiat moguls have controlled the people, especially when they removed fiat’s value from gold .
They come from an era where control was necessary for us, much like training wheels are necessary to a child learning to ride a bike.
Yet eventually, we lose the necessity for even the bike, for the chariot awaits. Even so, the ancient methods for propelling these
chariots become extinct, and we move on to an energy source unmatched to fossil fuels in the not-so-distant future, but we digress.

It has been one centralized institution to pave the way for all entities to find a way to connect in such a decentralized way, just like the training wheels , the system

is dismantled with love and gratitude, and a sense of peace, knowing this system has once before directed Man with the motivation

of a current-sea, a relatively safe and effective tool known as money, through the ages.

A new dawn for Man lays upon the horizon. Even the few who were once in control of the many shall be a part of this new era, as equals. For this freedom is incorrupt-able.

It is accountable and completely transparent, but most importantly, un-inflatable. Soon we shall view wealth not as a means to gain for the self, but as a way to contribute

to the whole.

Have a blessed one.

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