AMC fractal cycle (5 parts) for NYSE:AMC by W40kProfit

Most of us who looked into the executive order catalyst will understand why we saw the push down after june 3rd, and more-so why we are where we are today. Here, I show my idea for the fractal cycle. Before a cycle begins, there is usually a selloff, however, that can be debated as the full year leading up to the jan squeeze can be technically defined as a ‘sudden spawned start’, if you get what I’m saying (though there is an entry by sell off). If you look at the 1hr chart, and go back to 2020, you can find small renditions of the pattern we see if we zoom out (say on the weekly). I will post a link to that example.

So, my idea is that when executive order 14032 got signed on June 3rd, 2021, the cycle was halted, and purple was put on hold. Now, we have been traversing green. The cycle is not complete until purple is finished and white enters play. It goes:

1) red – accumulation

2) yellow – accumulation

3) green – accumulation

4) purple – distribution

5) white – sell off


In essence, it is very simple to know when a new cycle begins. As soon as the high of one section is surpassed, the new cycle begins. So for 2020, the high was 7.56. As soon as we ran past that, macro yellow 2021 began. The high for yellow 2021 was 20.36 (not including ah/pm). As soon as we ran past that.. you get the point. So purple will start as soon as we run past 72.62. So a question that should concern you is, ‘well it could hit 73 and just sell off?’ Yes, that is logically valid. It is up to you how you traverse that new cycle. Look at my plot maps (only 2) and see how you might consider purple representing higher than just 73. But of course.. this is not financial advice.

So things to look for for 2nd & 3rd week of june:

need a triple bottom around 9.70 (if it breaks 9.70 then we are still in a sell off period – short term)

If we get the triple bottom then it would signal a buy.

August 2nd is next catalyst with regards to executive order. The real question is (addressing any firms tied up in this) to be or not to be first. God speed

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