Bitcoin & Fractals: Rocket Bomb’s view for BITSTAMP:BTCUSD by RocketBomb

Hello^friends and traders!

Fractals are everywhere around Us, did You know that?🧐

One of the most “invisible” discoveries is fractals. You’ve probably heard this word, but do you know, what it means and how many interesting things are hidden in this term?

Every person has a natural curiosity, the desire to learn about the world around him. And in this striving, a person tries to adhere to logic in his judgments. Analyzing the processes taking place around him, he tries to find the logic of what is happening and to deduce some regularity.

The biggest minds on the planet are busy with this task. Roughly speaking, scientists are looking for a pattern where there is none. Nevertheless, even in chaos, you can find a connection between events. And this connection is a fractal .

The very word “fractal” appeared thanks to the brilliant scientist Benoit Mandelbrot.

Today, the word “fractal” most often means a graphic representation of a structure that is similar to itself on a smaller scale. It can also be used in trading.

I have successfully found fractals for analyzing the price of Bitcoin movement many times! That’s a special part of my analysis, I do it with great pleasure and sometimes I share it with You!

Pay attention to this fractal , I’m sharing with You today!👇In my opinion, the price movement is quite interesting!🤫

Will it work? We’ll see soon)

My previous analyzes using fractals:

In everything, that surrounds us, we often see chaos, but in fact that’s not an accident, but an ideal shape, which fractals help us to discern. Nature is the best architect, ideal builder and engineer. It’s very logical.

I’m sure, that fractals still hold many secrets, and many of them have yet to be discovered.

I’m always glad to see you in my comments for discussion😊

Thank you for your attention❤️

Stay in touch🤗

Always sincerely with you 😊

Your Rocket Bomb🚀💣 ️

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