Bitcoin in the long run is beautiful 🚀 for BNC:BLX by leandrosander_

Bitcoin in the long run is beautiful

I speak from Brazil, sorry

After a few days of building this study, think about sharing it with friends here at TradingView.

On the red lines we have the marking of each BOTTOM, followed by a momentum move, which will start a bullish move that historically leads to a cycle top.

We noticed that when using the indicator: Bitcoin Stock to Flow Rainbow, we always target the GREEN zone of the Rainbow and also the line created by the indicator, called MODEL TOP: 1.2 * ( SF ^ 3) In red color.

After that we built a structure based on the Trend-Based Fib Extemsion tool, with the following information.

By visualizing the first orange bar of the indicator, we have the beginning of a bullish movement, for the long term. Then we draw a line from that region to the top of each super cycle move that marks an ATH , after which we alternate the move by the bottom that the market made in a bearish cycle, or BearMarket. In this way he found to identify that second as Fibonacci time zones the BTC marks its ATH in time zone 3 marked with a white dotted line.

Let’s leave some images saved in the description so that friends can understand the reasoning behind this study.

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I hope to be able to contribute to the reading of friends and if you have any suggestions below in the comments, we are here to always learn. I’m not the owner of the truth, this is just content based on my rationale.

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Disclaimer: The above comments reflect solely my opinion, this is not a buy or sell recommendation. Just a series of published studies, so that together with the community, we can discuss operational tactics and techniques.


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