BLACKCOIN BLK has been consolidating for years since its major run back in 2017-2018. The correction is almost over there may be a wick or two down but I believe we should be headed up fairly soon. This along with many other coins/ projects are in the same position now, that had their major run in 2017/2018 and consolidated for the last few years because of how fast they went up and now are primed and ready for their next move up. BLACKCOIN is one of those projects that took off and had a massive % run up and now its correction is over. My target is in the $3.50 USD range in the next run up. I have done many other chart analysis on other projects that I believe are sleepers, check them out. BLACKCOIN as well as the others I am doing charts on still have a very active team and Twitter . they haven’t stopped working all these years while the price consolidates and redistributes. Plus BLK has been around since 2014 and has proven the test of time. Also with the new executive order on Crypto, they are going to attack Proof Of Work for environmental reasons, and Blackcoin as well as many others are Pure Proof Of Stake or similar. I am loading up on all these because the reward to risk ratio really good at these prices. BLK is at almost its original start price, the bottom is definitely in. This is not financial advice this is just my opinion and what I am doing. If you find this content useful then please leave me a like and follow for more updates and analysis. Thank you

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