BTC Dominance Hidden Bearish Divergence!!! for CRYPTOCAP:BTC.D by JacobR905

Checking out BTC’s dominance i have found something very clear if you know what you are looking for and that is a hidden bearish divergence, and yes this pattern signals a continuation of trend, and we are very clearly still in a strong downtrend as shown by the multiple move path to the downside and aswell as the RSI being below the midline for months now. So by the looks of this very strong pattern we are set to continue the downwards fall on BTC’s dominance meaning altcoins will thrive soon enough! Now there is a couple different ways to look at this and they both point to the same thing, look at the purple trend lines on both the candle sticks and the stoch RSI , the candles show a lower high while the stoch RSI shows higher highs which means a hidden bearish divergence! Now look at the yellow trend lines on the same two areas, the price action one shows again a lower high while the stoch RSI shows a higher high signaling once again this bearish continuation pattern! This overall is very positive for the whole market but especially altcoins, with BTC dominance likely too continue its fall as we get lower and lower we will see altcoins start to have some explosive breakouts! Now whats even more interesting and more bearish is the fact that we are actually trading wiithin a bearish pennant , this pattern is known to be historically bearish and as we approach the apex point of the pennant we can expect and watch for a breakout of the bottom of the pennant , and likely an explosive move downwards as we have 2 very very bearish patters playing out ontop of eachother! Now check out the RSI we are at the midline which does act as resistance currently but even if we do break above here i think its going to be short lived as we have strong longer term resistance directly above and this level hasn’t been visited in months so i would personally expect a big rejection off here. The stoch RSI besides playing into the hidden bearish divergence is actually into the overbought zone adding to this bullish looking chart! plus the resistance levels we will face if we do move up more! Now finally the MACD still is moving bullish but that is clearly fading away as we are seeing a decline in the green bars day after day and with us approaching that midline which acts as resistance, plus we are getting very close with the orange MA so any sharp moves down will almost 100% lead to a bearish cross. Like i have said before these patterns don’t have to play out the next day to still be valid and we could see this draw out over the rest of this week or maybe not, i think something huge is coming and we should start seeing this play out the closer we get to this pennants apex point which is roughly 2-3 days away! Not financial advice just my opinion!!!

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