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Hello to all
Many have asked me why I expect Bitcoin to fall to $ 30,000
Well, as we can see, Bitcoin is in an uptrend channel that cannot cross a point in the middle of the channel And began to form a descending channel that could not break the roof of this descending channel three times
We now have three scenarios
The first scenario is as shown in A in the Bitcoin chart, areas are marked with a red circle and the price is shown and the area and points are reacted. Therefore, it can be assumed that the price is rising
The second scenario, shown with B, may not hold the price in these points due to the bad news that may be spread, and we may reach the 0.78 Fibo line and from there the price will rise.
But the third scenario, denoted by C, could be due to orders at which time there is a fake breakout price up to point 1 fibo and from there we return.
In all three cases, the price is squeezed into a triangle, and to increase the price, it needs a good move and good news, and the goal is 1 Fibonacci point in a weekly period and the uptrend channel ceiling.
If you think the price can not reach those points and we are going to ATH from here, I must say do not look at your collection for a moment and look at the story, the game of whales and their rise from the outside. The volume of bitcoin itself publishes every news so that simple traders lose their property under the influence of fear.
So in the green days of the market, save your profit and be 30% Teter and buy in the fall
Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first.

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