BTC Update! for BINANCE:BTCUSDT by Sarahtn5421

Ok, everyone is asking what will happen to BTC now, here is my thought:
– The main bull run started on Dec 2020,
– We had the first correction on Jan 27th, 2021, BTC kept low tolerance there for a while (1 week ) and started the way up to the new ATH .
– Then on Feb 27th, 2021, we had the 2nd correction which took almost 2 weeks and then went up to the new ATH .
– Now it is March 25th, 2021, the 3rd correction started yesterday and I expect to continue for the next 8-9 hrs , which will be the 26th.
But what will we expect after???? another ATH?????
NOWAY!!!! I know lots of you don’t like to hear it when I talk about deeps! but this is the fact!
Look at the pattern! what you see??? An Elliot!!!!
now we are on point A. I expect a breakout to 56-57 (point B) and then a fall!!!!!!!!!!! A big big big fall!!!!
I am serious!!!!! as I said before, I expect 42K in point C!!!!
Take care of your assets, keep your stops tight! Avoid future trade for now!
I, personally, will close all my positions on point B!
I will update you if I can find the exact point.

XXX If you like my idea and you want to have daily updates and signals, visit my telegram channel. The address is mentioned in my signature or you can search : “letshitit”in telegram.

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