DGB Taking Profits, Hang On & HODL for the BULL RIDE!! Get Digi for BITTREX:DGBUSD by deadhead73

What a nice thing to look at when you first wake up! Lots of new and old alike. Money that is turning into Digibyte! Why take profits? WHen you can HODL and set it and forget it now and let the price ride this Bull! Reason I say that. If you do not HODL, the price goes down. People get scared. Their emotion gets them. That is one thing you have to get rid of when trading crypto or anything for that matter, EMOTION! It is no good! It makes you act. For the worst. Too late , too soon, too much. When your getting DIgi Wit it, you got to grab the bull by the horns and hold on for dear life. When the tough gets going, the going gets tough. That which is tough and has been here since it was born, is Digibyte. Many others have come and gone but DIGIBYTE, stays. WHy you ask? Because of the tech, decentralized , actually has use cases, has NFT, you got NFT? make some on DGB! w/ DGB! Sure its an investment, but use a little to buy stuff. That is part of its use cases. Plus do not forget it is decentralized! It’s mined. There is only so many coins and that is it! Not like these other shatcoins, that just drop so many millions whenever they want to… screw that!

In any case. Either in the short term, should there be too many sellers then i see .09/.10 and then if we stay bullish which i think that is where the market is at. Then we go to .13 to bust above our ATH (all time high) of .13.

this is just my opinion as always.

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