Inflation is high, Why gold price falling? for SAXO:XAUUSD by DNP-FX

As traders, of course.. We know that when inflation is too high, safe haven prices such as gold will soar. But that only applies before 2009. Before bitcoin was launched for the first time.
Not many traders know, that market participants such as banks, big institutions, fund managers, and big companies trust bitcoin as a safe-haven, which actually competes with gold . When inflation is too high, market participants will move their money between bitcoin and gold .

So this is one of the reasons why gold falls when inflation is too high. We can clearly see from the short-term chart above, that gold is bearish but bitcoin is bullish , and vice versa, the unidirectional correlation between bitcoin and gold . However, when the USD is optimistic about strengthening, both will be equally bearish . It can be concluded that both are the same as hedging asset. Also, we can use COT data from CFTC and LME to know gold and crypto sentiment and correlation. Coinbase and JPMorgan can also be considered. But I’ll discuss this separately in the next explanation.

Hopefully this can help anyone, so that it can be considered for trading in gold and bitcoin .

Practicing how to understand market behavior is much better than just understanding.

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