Margin Calls,…Next for SP:SPX by The_Unwind

Fear is growing by the day in the stock market in the United States.
Buyers are being overwhelmed by sellers in 2022 with countless former high flying technology stocks now decimated,
with the risk of a further much deeper decline growing by the day.
Brokers are receiving countless calls from their clients who are panicked,
and want out of the market,some at any cost

Retirees whose life savings are at risk in the US stock market are frightened and scared.

And each day that, the market falls yet again, those fears are manifesting themselves and growing

The S+P 500, and the Dow Jones Industrials have fallen for 6 and 7 weeks in a row, respectively.

Certainly a bounce back up the chart is called for right now

the market being as oversold in some indicators as they’ve been since 2008

Its important to note here that technically the S+P 500 met major overhead

Weekly Resistance yet again this past week at 4100, ..and failed yet again

The downside risk to the US stock market remains elevated and is growing by the day.

Technology stocks, bull market leaders as measured by the S+P Sector XLK 131.08 on Friday

have a very bearish “rollover almost terminal technical pattern in place,

with considerably more downside risk still left on the chart.

Its right there in front of you !

Read your charts. Longer Term Weekly/Monthly Charts take priority right now

Memorial Day weekend in the US has traditionally been a “bullish” time for the US stock market.

But If the market continues to fall this week, the seasonal fireworks

could be in the countless thousands of “margin calls”

that will go out from brokers demanding more money from their panicked clients

or they will sell their stock to get it.

That’s coming next,. if the market continues to fall.

SPX Last 3901.35



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