MSB squeezes stubborn longs to their death.. for ASX:MSB by Permaculture

Off topic but as an leading indicator for “market timing” is when defensive stocks return to their original strongest demand zones from their origins of a past move & are met again for another strong rally, this seems it could to be happening to MBS , time will tell!
With that said overall markets could be nearing their record highs and potentially pullback or reversal may be closest over coming months or so.. well technical analysis anyway… if so.. and that’s true MSB could return to bullish status for me, if, and when PA is clear throughout my t/f’s.
Good discount levels are near yes !! but only if price action tells me so.
still no trade since last post .. and if no PA, price can keep dropping and without me.
Market sentiment :Remember worlds dumping this atm… with new ll today and an interesting monthly close bar! and timing of the news announcement. all the while to the informed trader price structure looks somewhat positive upon it slow entry, returning to back to monthly demand zone and region. Are our big boys waiting here?!!?!? not sure..
whats interesting is the Timing with Afghan crisis unfolding.. sad, but MONEY rules the world!
Theres no clear PA to confirm buyers are here yet or even active here… an entry long here would be pure gambling on my behalf. I’ll wait for on my LTF top down analysis , patience is now my friend.. stay safe out there!! Perma

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