PS: We are not Bullish or Bearish, we are Realish 35348 NXT🟢 for BITSTAMP:BTCUSD by official10xBulls

Yes, you heard it right…

PS: We are not Bullish or Bearish , we are Realish(Realistic) 35348 NXT🟢 BITSTAMP:BTCUSD

Yesterday we were relentlessly posting in cryptos chatroom, there’s a twist at 32700, it’s a damn 5-time bounce, yes it was a 5-time rejection from 32700 and no one was paying the heed, all were it would crash like a hell. But we have always been First Ball Mover, Risk Taker, and Post our Analysis after full confirmations of our Trading Setup, that’s why 70-80% of our analysis hit the bull’s eye, we don’t tend to stick biased and attached to something permanently if we found something fishy we always raise the Flag first as you all know the only thing constant in life is Change. Change for the better.

What’s the reason smart money changed its mind and held like a great wall at 32700 this we will discuss the upcoming post video.

A major chunk in the crypto chatroom was like 25K , 20K,15K in the next week, or a couple what happened is already flashing on your screen BTCUSD already up 2000 points in Green at 34650🟢, this is the Power of Self- Belief on your studies, experiences, learning you got over the time from markets when we focus on what really needs to be focused like a Subtlest Observer.

We always have been Inquisitive and an Avid Learner for the Financial Markets since Decade, always been First Action Taker and Opportunity grabber and harder shoutout voice whenever we see something coming in the charts in  Global Financial Markets, regardless of whatever else noise is coming, when we are on our chart screen, we mind our own business and the same every Investor, Trader should do while your money is on the play.

In this Financial Jungle, it’s the least matter of fact what to do but the main thing is what not to do, this no one tells you except your mentors and your mistakes in the markets itself if you are really seriously obsessed about the learning n getting better, then results follow you.

Now, what’s next?

35348 is on the cards and the chart is a very strong pull back and remembers this time if we get the power pack breakout at 36414 and hourly comfortable closing, the $40,000 Moonwalk is around your doorstep.

Stay tuned as always for any fresh updates. Give a Thumbs Up 👍

Pour some love ❤😃into our efforts, it really takes lots of hard work and hours of screen time analysis to give you the best shot, as you all know

Success is always rented not owned and the rent is due every day.

Patience and Right-Timing are our Life-Partners.

Why follow 10xBulls Community?

1. A Global Community of Smart and Sniper Investors, Traders, and Venture Capitalists over 11 Years in the Markets

2. Successfully Anticipated Bulls and Bears Cycle for Cryptos, US, European and Asian Markets since 2010.

3. Update of the latest important news and our point of view on it.

4. Analysis of popular crypto tweets posts effect.

Happy Investing and Trading, we would love to hear your point of view/feedback in the comments below.

Team 10x Bulls. ⚡️

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