Hey everyone, HONEYITSGONE with an analysis on SOL/USDT
PERP prices may vary!
***Never execute a plan you found on the internet without doing your research***
SOL brought to you by your boy SBF(GOAT)

SOL had a break-in structure on the LTF . We are paying attention to divs . We can see strong support near $180, leading to a move as high as $195 before deciding the next move. Price action can go as low as $150 before seeing a relief bounce. However, we can reach ATH from this point.

BB is still expanding. The price can continue higher unless the buying pressure exhausts, taking us near the Lower band. MACD suggests sell pressure is subsiding on the 15M. However, we are bull on 1D. RSI suggests oversold on 15M.

Nevertheless, we are overbought on 1D and can stay that way for a while. A corrective phase across the markets can take us as low as $115. We have noted that we may be seeing top-like volume .

**** We will not take a long position at the current prices and understand the price can continue upward. We will update if resistance flips.

Consider building longs near the Middle band(currently $113) and Lower band(now $38). We can place bids within the green boxes labeled Long1($115-$137) & Long2($74-$94) or near the red lines. Also, $150 seems like an excellent area to Long. Never go all in at one price. Accumulate across all levels, and dont expect to be rich. Keeping discipline will make you richer.

I will not provide a short entry scenario for the boys as SBF is GOAT. I do not own any SOL, and yes, SBF is still GOAT.

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Best wishes, HONEYITSGONE!

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