strategy for TSLA Tuesday 09/07/2021 for NASDAQ:TSLA by RobertoTraderWithoutStress

( TSLA buy price 726.00)

( TSLA sell price 724.00)

strategy: with tsla we could have two # 1 openings above the closing price, if so, we wait for the break of the double top and the buy price, we must wait for the retracement and confirmation, if the price has continuity we will take profits at the next resistance 753.77

# 2 if the opening is below the closing price, the price will be in the buy zone, we wait for confirmation with our exit stop. from this point we will take profits in the double top 741.00. In the event that the buy price passes and then the sell price touches the direction changes from bullish to bearish .

Note: each one of the prices has a specific volume and a% percentage level which indicates the strength sustained by the institutions and banks. When a stock touches the buy price and it rises, the following example happens: MRNA call price 412.50 + 123%. V = 971

412.50 -49% V = 122 put.

otherwise it happens if MRNA call 412.50 -250% V = 971 equal to the buy price. MRNA put. 412.50 + 46% V 122. I know that many people would take entry in the buy price ignoring what actually happens.

This business is not about seeing the graphic of a pro full of drawings like a spider web, or thinking that this is by logic or by conviction this is just.



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