The target no one believes. NASDAQ for OANDA:NAS100USD by BertlinCapital

There too many factor playing out and 2021 the Q3-4. Printing more and more money to stabilize market. Wont last.
Too much devaluation of dollar would risk more to the ecnonomy. Money would become worthless and it will never be a hyperinflation again.
Dollar is already hovering around lows but still building upwards. As we seen in 2020 the dollar spike hard at crash of all the bond buying and selling of stocks.
In the greatest Pandamic of all time is the best year for big companies and worst for smaller ones. I proves big things are gonna come very soon. If you look
at all the insider trasaction of 2021 you can see Walmart, Facebook , Amazon, Google , Netflix and many more of the biggest shareholders selling of big profits.
Some every day and some every week. Tells they have fear and retail person have no clue. Time to call this move. The banksters did a massive move from highs with above 20% move
to the upside to liquidate retails marginal calls. Prices of Lumber sored most in history and crash this summer to its lows again. We had minus price in WTI and almost 80 in WTI after its lows.
Big things is going down and it will get a lost worse. Unemployment is still at its highs, what will happend when savings account and stockmarket will fail. 10x the 2008 is coming. By just looking
at the FED system and the debt. We know. By looking at insider trasaction. We know. By looking at technicals are all levels we are going to have a big Deflation/Recession to stabilize the currency of domination
and reset the economy to whats needed. Exit the market or do you placements. But dont get greedy for more upside.

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