What’s our path for a bullish finish to the year? for COINBASE:BTCUSD by Bronson-TheShark

How is everyone doing? Crypto sure has a way of breaking your emotions down doesn’t it? Remember we play with zero leverage and buy to hold.. this strategy has never failed me. No one ever got rich panic selling when the market crashes so add on dips and play the long game. Since joining this space I haven’t changed my tune on that. So how does the rest of the year finish?
It all depends on these two pieces of data I want to share with you.
#1- We cannot break 38k period. That will officially end this bull cycle and I will debate with any of you who say otherwise. The chart simply will be broken and usher in the bear cycle for 6 moths to 16 months. (Just so you know the counter trade… I do no feel this will happen but we must respect it)
#2- BTC must get a weekly close above $43700, above the weekly 21EMA. (Weekly close is Sunday night at 6 pm) I also feel we will do this.

SHARK’S take is that the people that are waiting for 38k, will fomo back in above 48k ;)

But like all trades we must see both sides. I want to see confirmation of both these data points to keep the hope train alive. Such an uncertain world with so many hard things people are dealing with right now. Always remember there is a God that loves you and our happiness will always be a result of loving and helping others.

The SHARK never left and is looking forward to the greatest quarter of the year.

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