Previously, we knew that BTC rises are now narrowing the money inflows to gold in the market.
(Shunt Manukyan)
Now I don’t know the Buy-Short position ratio.
But I believe that the decline in BTC and the potential of Gold will lead the money back to Gold .

Even if the FED begin to tapering move, let’s not forget that the money printed will cause inflation .

Currently, it is possible to try to adjust the market rate with reverse repo.

The Fed has shown that it will turn a blind eye to inflation . Low bond yields and inflation make gold even more attractive.

Probably , inflation will be problem next term.That can design global market politicy

If we look at XAUXAG now, we see that it is in a recovery from the bottom.

I have never heard of the Central bank holding silver in its reserve.

The BTC market can be seen as a long-term investment vehicle. But the market is extremely speculative.

We’ve been seeing it in manipulation lately. Also, negative news has an extreme impact .
Volatility is high.

It’s like a ceiling in stocks and stock markets lately.

While things are like this, I see a potential in Gold . (Not Investment Advice)


Technical interpretation based on fundamental analysis .

I don’t think the red trendline will be broken.

I think the correction ABC waves are complete.

Also, C of ABC correction wave looks like left TOBO’s shoulder.

Possible targets are 2050-2200.

OLD DXY AND XAU / XAG GRAPHICS ARE ADDED. (You can find it in the profile)

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