20 Sexy Movies on Netflix to Gear Up for Hot Girl Summer

Netflix is a trove of films and TV shows that span subject, genre, and time, making the sexiest movies on Netflix somewhat hard to find. But its supply of erotic movies with the best sex scenes is well worth digging into, and we recommend you start here.

Below, peruse our list of 20 movies that feature some of the best sex scenes on Netflix. (We also have a list of shows on Netflix with great sex scenes, plus a list of LGBTQ+ shows and movies on Netflix that have unreal sex scenes too. Clearly, we’re all about sharing the wealth when it comes to the best sex scenes on Netflix. Enjoy!

1. Someone Great

This much-loved Netflix original follows three best friends (played by DeWanda Wise, Gina Rodriguez, and Brittany Snow) who vow to have an incredible last night out together before Rodriguez’s character moves away. Though there are various sexy (and sweet) moments peppered throughout the movie, one particularly memorable sex scene takes place in a club bathroom between two people who probably should not be hooking up. You’ll get it when you watch it.

2. Love


One piece of promo art for this film seems to feature two people’s tongues mid-makeout until you look more closely and realize, Hey, there’s a third tongue (and person) in the mix. Intrigued? A bit more to fully reel you in: The movie starts with Electra (Aomi Muyock) and Murphy (Karl Glusman) completely naked and using their hands to get each other off. (Well, one of them finishes. We’ll let you guess who.) In the movie, which depicts Electra and Murphy’s relationship before and after they invite outsider Omi (Klara Kristin) to join in, it’s only up from there.

3. Duck Butter


There is so much good about this film. It’s produced by the Duplass brothers and sees the on-screen reunion of Arrested Development costars (and real-life friends) Alia Shawkat and Mae Whitman. Shawkat—who also co-wrote the film—stars as Naima, a lonely Los Angeles actor. Naima meets Sergio, played by Laia Costa, and the two immediately decide to spend the next 24 hours together, having sex every hour on the hour. “It’s a very intimate, radical idea based on the belief that we waste our best moments in a relationship getting comfortable with someone, and letting feelings build up,” Nick Allen writes in a review on “Why not just have it all at once, especially when surfing a tsunami of attraction?” Reader, I beg you to ask yourself the same: Why not just have the pleasure of viewing several queer sex scenes all at once, in one sitting, with one film?

4. Newness


Here’s another meditation on modern romance. Funnily enough, it also stars Laia Costa, who this time plays a character named Gabi. Nicholas Hoult stars opposite her as Martin. Both are looking for something beyond our swipe-happy digital dating landscape, so they do their best to form a lasting connection in a world where there are seemingly endless options. Their sex is sometimes with each other and sometimes with other people, but the bottom line is that the chemistry between these two produces some of the best sex scenes on Netflix.

5. Nappily Ever After


If this sounds familiar, it might be because the film generated a ton of, well, buzz, when Sanaa Lathan shaved off all her hair to play Violet, the movie’s main character. Violet is going through a bit of a crisis, to put it lightly, after realizing that her dude is never going to marry her. As hard as she’s tried to be perfect for him (and everyone but herself), she realizes it was never going to be enough. So, she cuts off her hair and decides to learn and love who she really is. In case you haven’t guessed, that journey involves some sex, including a particularly aspirational shower scene.

6. Tiger, Blood in the Mouth


Ramón, a professional boxer who’s past the prime of his career, starts up with Deborah, a boxer who’s much newer to the scene. Since they’re both pretty athletically inclined, it’s no wonder that their sex scenes are even more intensely physical and primal than a lot of sex scenes on Netflix. (Which still have other points in their favor, clearly.)

7. Dry Martina


This Spanish-language film is about one woman’s quest to reclaim her lost libido. Martina, played by Antonella Costa, is an Argentinean singer whose fame has receded and who feels as though her capacity for desire is a thing of the past. Unsatisfied with that reality, she’s determined to get back her libido, which results in quite a couple of great sex scenes.

8. Elisa & Marcela


Though critics didn’t exactly dub Elisa & Marcela as the best film of all time, its beautiful imagery, enticing plot, and intimate sex scenes make it worth a watch. It is based on the true story of two Spanish women who, in 1901, trick a priest into marrying them after one pretends to be a man. The plot shows the couple over the span of several years, working backward to when they met in school and then following them forward in time as their relationship develops. It’s no Carol, but it will do.

9. Desire


Desire is a film about sexual exploration, liberation, and identity. In the opening scene, a young girl accidentally has her first sexual experience while pretending to horseback ride a couch pillow. In the following scene, the audience sees an extremely attractive woman—presumably the child we saw in the previous scene, but older—and a man riding actual horses, while the camera zooms in on their crotches. The plot is full of coming-of-age experiences and sexual shenanigans, which just go on from there: Two sisters reunite after seven years apart, and swap and share partners at one of their weddings. The somewhat controversial Spanish-language film certainly doesn’t pretend to be anything it’s not. From the start, you know it’s going to get erotic, so we recommend watching it for that.

10. The Art of Loving: The Life of Michalina Wislocka


Set in Poland during the 1970s, this film tells the story of sexologist Michalina Wislocka (Magdalena Boczarska), who fought to get her book about sex, female orgasms, and birth control published. After overcoming resistance from the Communist Party, the Catholic Church, and a bunch of prudish ideology, Wislocka published her book in 1978. There are plenty of sex scenes (after all, this is a movie about sex), with one particularly notable scene involving Wislocka, her lover, and a shower.

11. Bliss

Maria (Sheryl Lee) has never orgasmed while having sex with her new husband, Joseph (Craig Sheffer), and would like to. So, the couple goes to a sex therapist and learns about practicing Tantric sex. Lots of experimenting follows their sessions, and you’ll get to see it all as the couple try to figure out how to please one another.

12. Amar


A movie about the intensity and excitement of young love, Amar starts things off with a very intimate scene between Carlos (Pol Monen) and his girlfriend, Laura (María Pedraza), in her family’s home. From there, you learn that Carlos is going away to college and wants Laura to run away with him. Initially, Laura wants nothing more than to be with Carlos, but can the young couple maintain their passion?

13. Malcolm & Marie


This made-for-Netflix film may have received mixed reviews, but it’s worth watching to see the chemistry between Malcolm (John David Washington) and Marie (Zendaya). The movie starts when the couple returns home after Malcolm’s movie premiere (he’s a filmmaker). Although the two clearly have some underlying conflict, there is a lovely sex scene with jazz music that looks especially beautiful with the film’s black-and-white cinematography.

14. Romance Doll


Tetsuo (Issey Takahashi), a sculptor who creates sex dolls for work, meets Sonoko (Yu Aoi) when she models to be his prototype. The two fall in love, marry, and live pretty happily until Tetsuo begins spending more time at work trying to create an even better doll. The unique storyline and demure sex scenes make this film worth a watch.

15. Your Name Engraved Herein


In Your Name Engraved Herein, two high-school students, Jia-Han (Edward Chen) and Birdy (Jing-Hua Tseng) fall in love in Taiwan following the end of martial law. Their desire builds over the course of the film, and subtle caresses turn into some very close encounters (one shower scene is pretty memorable). The students keep their love hidden and ultimately have to decide whether they can carry on with their relationship.

16. Outlaw King


Fans of period pieces and adventure will want to fire up Outlaw King, the story of warrior Robert the Bruce (Chris Pine), the crowned King of Scotland, who was forced into exile by England. The film follows his attempts to reclaim his crown and includes plenty of intimate moments with Robert’s wife, Elizabeth (Florence Pugh).

17. Dance of the 41


This Mexican film is a fictionalized account of a real-life event from more than 100 years ago involving 41 men who were arrested for dancing and partying with one another at a private party. (This may sound like no big deal, but this led to gay relationships being talked about in Mexican media, which was rarely done at the time.) The film zooms in on one rumored attendee in particular: Ignacio de la Torre (Alfonso Herrera), son-in-law of the president of Mexico at the time. You’ll see him meet, fall in love, and have some hot scenes with Evaristo Rivas (Emiliano Zurita), who supposedly invited de la Torre to the party.

18. And Then Came Lola


If you’ve seen Run, Lola, Run, then you might recognize this as a take on the 1998 film. If not, then all you need to know is that Lola (Ashleigh Sumner) is on a mission to deliver an important project for her girlfriend, Casey (Jill Bennett). Of course, things go awry, making it nearly impossible for Lola to complete the task. You’ll have to watch to see if she succeeds, but you’ll be rewarded with a really sensual scene at the end.

19. Crazy Stupid Love


There are several storylines to follow in Crazy Stupid Love, but the sexiest one by far is between Jacob (Ryan Gosling) and Hannah (Emma Stone). The two meet at a bar, and initially, Hannah rebuffs Jacob’s flirtation. But the two meet again at the same bar (this time Hannah is getting over a breakup) and have a sexy, sweet, and funny hook-up that turns into more.

20. Fatal Affair


Ellie (Nia Long) is a successful lawyer who reconnects with a college friend, David (Omar Epps), through work. The two go out for drinks one night and Ellie confesses that she is having marriage problems. Ellie and David start to hook up in the bathroom, and it’s pretty hot, but ultimately Ellie stops things from going further. The sexiness stops when David becomes obsessed with Ellie, and the film takes a darker turn.


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