4 Autumn Books for Different Moods

4 Autumn Books for Different Moods

We experience autumn in different ways. For some, it’s a golden time with warm blankets, for others — sad rainy days, and some generally consider it the best time for mystical detectives. Whenever you like more — fantasy, detective stories, or warm stories about bookstores, cats, and tea shops — you’ll definitely find something for yourself.

1.   Sosuke Natsukawa, “The Cat Who Saved Books”

The books of the Japanese author Sosuke Natsukawa continue to stay on the bestseller shelves. This fall you can read his warm story about books, cats, and bright adventures. Moreover, you can play at some exciting yukon casino canada games and make this autumn special!

Rintaro Natsuki is about to close the second-hand book store he inherited from his beloved book-loving grandfather. However, a cat appears on his path with an unusual request: he demands that the teenager helps him save books that have not been read and are not loved by their owners. Together they go through many adventures and meet terrible and not-so-good people on their way.

The book prompts a lot of thought. Why do we read books? Are those who read the most really the smartest? Can we save time by reducing the text to the plot? Should we publish only the most popular books? Everyone will find their answer on the pages.

2.   Therese Anne Fowler, “Zelda”

Therese Ann Fowler believes that Zelda Sayre, Scott Fitzgerald’s wife, has been turned into a caricature. She is portrayed either as an unstable, jealous wife, or just a woman who steals time from her husband’s creativity and life. And Fowler decided to show her as something more.

The story about the atmosphere of the unrestrained and stormy 20s and 30s in America and Paris is conducted by Zelda herself. The novel covers mostly her years with Fitzgerald but also gives some insight into her life after her husband’s untimely death. Zelda writes stories that are sometimes published under her husband’s name, she lives in a complex relationship with Fitzgerald, her era, and her inner world and tries to find herself and not remain in the shadow of a famous writer.

3.   Sarah Pearse, “Sanatorium”

Sarah Pearse’s Sanitarium is a New York Times bestseller and a Reese Witherspoon Book Club recommendation. The action takes place in a former sanatorium in the Swiss Alps, about which there have always been mystical rumours. Now it has been turned into a five-star hotel, and it is there that detective Elin Warner comes to celebrate her brother’s engagement. Suffering from PTSD from a recent failed mission, and the mountain wilderness making her even more nervous, the spirit of the sanatorium still lingers within the walls of the fancy hotel.

The following day, she wakes up to find that her brother’s fiancée is missing. The hotel is cut off from the world by a blizzard, so only Elin can investigate this mysterious disappearance. But no one has yet realized that another woman has disappeared, and she is the only one who could have warned them of the danger that loomed over them.

4 Autumn Books for Different Moods

4.   Roselle Lim, “Vanessa Yu’s Magical Paris Tea Shop”

Rozelle Lim, master of rom-coms, skillfully writes light stories for hopeless romantics and lovers of good food and travel. Her new novel is perfect for autumn — with tea-leaf fortune-telling, a charming love story, and cozy Paris.

The main character, Vanessa Yu, can see the fate of people at the bottom of a cup of tea. In order not to expose everyone to their fate, she begins to drink only coffee but the day before the marriage ceremony arranged for her by her parents, she accidentally sees her fate: death as a result of a traffic accident.

Then, she dares to leave California and goes to Paris at the invitation of Aunt Evelyn, who can help her get rid of these amazing abilities. As she learns more about herself and the root of her gifts, she realizes one true thing: the curse is not knowing your destiny but the inability to change it.

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