DeviantArt can now notify anyone whose art’s been used in NFTs without permission

There are plenty of instances in the Web3 world where projects feature stolen art that’s turned into NFTs without creators’ permission.

DeviantArt, an online art and design community founded in 2000, is now opening up its NFT protection tool to everyone.

Until now, that tool was available only to DeviantArt community members. But now any artist can sign up for it.

Here’s what you get: the free version allows you to upload 10 images, and you’ll get alerts if anyone is using your art as an NFT. You can pay $9.95 per month to get protection for 1,000 pieces of art with a size limit of 50GB.

The company told me that its tool can also detect similar art where someone has moved around some of the elements, or changed its style. This will prevent projects from creating derivative works of your art.

Here’s how you can protect your creations:

  • Head to the DeviantArt Protect website.
  • Click on Join the Beta.
  • Sign up for the protection service using your email.
  • Once you’ve done that, you can upload 10 PNG or JPG images of art that you’ve created.