Do You Know What It Takes to Obtain Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional Certification?

Are you already familiar with the AWS services and technology and want to take your skills to a professional level? Then you shouldn’t miss the opportunity of adding the well-known AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional certificate to your resume. Also, it will help you gain experience in managing and deploying AWS solutions and recommend you as an expert in this technological area.

But, before you reach this stage, you need to pass one complex accreditation exam. So, this article will help you find the answers to the most common questions related to the steps you must follow to earn this qualification.

What Skills Are Tested for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional Accreditation?

You should know that the only exam necessary for earning this certificate is coded SAP-C01. And according to the vendor’s website it validates your ability to perform the following tasks:

  • Designing highly performant apps with the help of AWS solutions for complex organizations with different compliance demands;
  • Identifying the security controls and requirements to meet the business needs and achieve performance objectives;
  • Selecting the most efficient pricing models to achieve cost optimization
  • Determining the best strategies for operational excellence that can be implemented for continuous improvement.

Does the SAP-C01 Exam Have Any Prerequisites?

There are no strict requirements on the official webpage. Still, the vendor has some recommendations. For instance, the candidates should have 2+ years of experience in deploying and designing cloud architecture elements on the AWS environment. Also, they should be familiar with cloud applications, scripting language, or Linux and Windows environments. Besides, the target audience should previously deal with different AWS services such as the CloudFormation templates or Billing Console.

Important Details of Exam SAP-C01

The SAP-C01 exam includes 75 questions. Therefore, the candidates should have developed time management skills to be able to complete all items within 3 hours. In addition, they should be able to find the right answer in multiple-response and multiple-choice inquiries. Besides, this Amazon exam will cost you some money – $300, and after paying it, you will complete the registration process. As for taking the final exam, it is delivered either online or in testing centers.

Effective Strategy to Pass this AWS Exam

The first step that candidates should take is to download the exam blueprint and review the sample questions. In the test’s guide, you will find details of the target audience, the vendor’s recommendations for applicants, and an exam outline. In the meantime, the sample inquiries will help you get used to the exam’s format and difficulty level.

The next phase includes exploring dedicated AWS training options. In this case, you can register for the Advanced Architecting on AWS course. Besides, you can go through the frequently asked questions and whitepapers prepared by AWS experts for the SAP-C01 test-takers.

After that, you can check your preparedness level with the exam readiness training. For this purpose, you can choose classroom training, free webinars, or digital training. And the final phase would be to take a practice test which is very similar to the real exam. Thus, you will get used to the evaluation environment and understand better its difficulty level and structure.

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Final Thoughts

So, earning the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional certification is not mission impossible as long as you understand the importance of training and allocate enough time to improve your skills. Therefore, you can get a passing grade on the SAP-C01 exam on the first try if you check all the exam requirements carefully, explore different training alternatives, and use various training resources. It’s up to you now!

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