Get healthier with a Nandme brand electric toothbrush

According to the World Health Organization, 3.58 billion people worldwide suffer from oral diseases. The World Health Organization has ranked it as one of the top three priority diseases for human beings, along with tumors and cardiovascular diseases.Studies have shown that the main cause of oral disease formation is dental plaque. Plaque is a sticky biofilm formed by oral bacteria on the teeth. After eating food, the sugars and proteins in the mouth, attach themselves to the gums and form colonies of plaque.What are the dangers of plaque? The accumulation of plaque, which contains millions of bacteria causing inflammation of the gums, is carried throughout the body through the circulatory system and can lead not only to tooth decay and tooth decay and eventually tooth loss, but even to complications including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and during pregnancy. In addition to affecting your health, plaque can cause your teeth to turn yellow and dark, which is very unattractive.

Get healthier with a Nandme brand electric toothbrush

We can’t stop plaque from forming, but we can actively eliminate it. Thoroughly cleaning your teeth is the most effective means of removing plaque. Brushing your teeth requires attention to the following points.

1, pay attention to the length of brushing: brushing time is too short, not effective cleaning, effective brushing time is 2-3 minutes

2, master the angle of brushing: tilt the toothbrush 45 degrees towards the root, place it on the gum edge, press it lightly and let the bristles enter the gum sulcus, the upper teeth should be from top to bottom, the lower teeth should be from bottom to top. The 45 degree angle can better remove hidden plaque areas and keep the gums healthy

3, Main brushing frequency: You need to brush your teeth once in the morning and once in the evening

Get healthier with a Nandme brand electric toothbrush

The above brushing methods are in real life, but few people can master them properly. Electric toothbrushes with scientific technology are the most effective tools available to help clean teeth thoroughly. So the choice of what kind of electric toothbrush becomes the key. According to consumer suggestions, a good electric toothbrush should help achieve thorough cleaning of the teeth, longer life span, have multiple modes that can be applied to different oral conditions, have pressure sensing to protect the gums, and hopefully reduce the cost of the toothbrush, etc.

Get healthier with a Nandme brand electric toothbrush

Nandme brand, as a professional oral care specialist, continues to focus on providing personalized oral care products for each consumer with the latest technology combined with professional dental care knowledge in order to meet the needs of users.Nandme’s latest NX series sonic electric toothbrushes: NX7000, NX8000, NX9000 are equipped with 4.0 magnetic levitation sonic motor, combined with high-frequency sound waves of 41,000 revolutions per minute, which can accurately clean the dead space between teeth and prevent dental diseases from the root.

The short brushing time is one of the important reasons for not brushing cleanly. For this reason, Nandme NX series is equipped with a 2-minute countdown + 30-second zone change reminder to ensure that consumers can brush enough time.Considering the oral needs of different people, Nandme 7000 is equipped with 15 types of brushing modes. And the battery life is upgraded to 365 days, which solves the trouble of consumers who often run out of power when brushing in the morning. Brushing too hard can lead to premature enamel wear and gum recession. To solve this problem, Nandme 8000 is equipped with the technology of intelligent vibration reduction, sensing too much brushing force, will be intelligent vibration reduction to protect tooth enamel.

Get healthier with a Nandme brand electric toothbrush

One of the more thoughtful things about the Nandme NX series is that it is prepared with 12 DuPont brush heads and half of the brush heads are soft bristles and half are hard bristles. When we get up in the morning and our teeth are in a relaxed and sensitive state, we choose to use the soft bristle brush head. When the evening time, has dealt with the day’s food to the teeth, we need to choose hard bristles.

Nandme has been introduced to provide a reliable solution for oral cleaning, achieving a thorough cleaning effect, effectively removing plaque and helping us prevent oral diseases.

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