How Smokers Can Deal with the Federal Vape Flavor Ban

How Smokers Can Deal with the Federal Vape Flavor Ban

In early 2020, the FDA released a policy that banned different flavors of vape cartridges outside of the standard menthol and tobacco. This was put in place to hopefully lessen the appeal of vapes for the youth. But this can also cause an inconvenience for adult smokers that use various flavored cartridges to get their nicotine.

Vaping has become a highly successful way for cigarette smokers to avoid developing tobacco-related conditions. This ban can pose problems because it might push them to shift back into using tobacco-based products again and cause pulmonary issues. To prevent this, individuals that use flavored cartridges can try to find other ways to cope with the new FDA guidelines without feeling the need to shift to cigarettes:

Try replacement therapy

Replacement therapy is the clinical method professionals use to encourage individuals to find alternative methods to obtain nicotine. The National Library of Medicine highlights that there are different ways to do this such as using nicotine patches and nasal sprays. While these are effective methods, those who enjoy the flavor of vape cartridges may not enjoy them that much. Another alternative can be to use nicotine pouches.

The top nicotine pouches come in a variety of flavors such as citrus, cinnamon, and even coffee – a great alternative for flavored vapes. They bring all the benefits of other replacement therapy products while still being able to offer users an enjoyable taste and experience. All they have to do is allow the pout to sit between their upper teeth and gums to satisfy their nicotine cravings. Using replacement therapy will allow avid vape users to switch from using these electronic devices to using an alternative method without eliminating fun flavors.

Get physically active

If vape users want to go down the cold turkey route, they can try finding activities that can help distract them from their nicotine cravings. Physical activity is one of the healthiest ways of doing so. Aerobic exercises are some of the most effective because they keep the mind and body engaged at all times. Setting aside time to walk or lift can help vape users reduce their need to make use of flavored cartridges, and even their electronic devices, altogether.

Avoid triggering situations

One of the main reasons people who smoke develop their habit is because it can offer relief from stress and anxiety. For vape users, it might be ideal to avoid situations that may trigger emotions that lead them to use their devices. There is a strong correlation between smoking and stress so reducing exposure to these situations means they will not need nicotine to manage their emotions. It will also be ideal to find other coping mechanisms that do not involve vapes. Users may also want to try chewing gum when they feel like they are under serious amounts of pressure. This can engage their oral senses and replace vaping in the long run.

For long-time vape users, the federal flavor ban can be a good thing as this might push them to kick their smoking habit. Finding alternatives will truly be the answer making replacement therapy, physical activity, and healthy coping mechanisms the best way to adapt to the lifestyle shift.

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