The DeLorean is returning as an EV — and I want more classic car comebacks

Unpainted stainless steel body. Gull-wing doors. Plutonium-powered time-travel capabilities. Yes, it’s the DeLorean. 

Despite its many troubled years, the DeLorean has left its mark in automotive history, and it even turned into a pop-culture icon after the Back to the Future film franchise. 

Now, folks, it’s getting resurrected to claim its place in the world of EVs

If this tweet hasn’t satiated your curiosity or excitement, I feel you. The short teaser video only gives us a few hints about what to expect:

  • It’s going to be called “DeloreanEVolved” — an expected, but cool name. 
  • It’s going to be a luxury EV.
  • We’re going to see it this year (oh, boy!). 
  • The gull-wing doors are staying. Can I get a “HELL YEAH?”

Plus, we know that the company will start building the vehicle at its new global headquarters in Texas

The DeLorean’s comeback has made me think of two things: first, I want to rewatch Back to the Future, and second, I want MORE classic cars electrically revived. 

So, with that in mind, here are my picks for the cars begging for an electric resurrection:

The 1950s Isetta