Why Do You Need to Pass ExamSnap Microsoft AZ-104 Exam? Can Practice Tests Help You Succeed?

Do you want to gain expertise in the subject matters, such as the implementation, management, and monitoring of an enterprise’s Microsoft Azure environment? Then you do not need to seek further but settle on the ExamSnap Microsoft AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator exam. This post investigates the reasons why this test is advantageous for your career. Read on to learn the most important benefits associated with this certification exam!

Vital Details of Microsoft AZ-104 Exam

The ExamSnap Microsoft Certification AZ-104 VCE exam measures the candidates’ skills related to the Azure environment. It is ideal for those with 6 months and more of action-based experience. During the test, you’ll be given 130 minutes to clear 40-60 questions. You can expect the following types of questions: active screen, build list, hot area, mark review, short answer, labs, MCQs, best answer, and others. The exam costs $165 and the applicants are expected to reach the passing score of 700 points and more out of possible 1000. The result of a good performance in the test is the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certification.

Reasons You Need to Pass Microsoft AZ-104 Exam

The candidates aspiring to become an Azure Administrator should consider taking the Microsoft ExamSnap AZ-104 exam. Here are some reasons why:

  • Acquisition of Unique Azure Comprehension and Skills

Looking at what the Exam Collection Microsoft Certification AZ-104 VCE represents, you learn how vital it is for any serious professional. Completing this test, the individuals gain the knowledge and skills that enable them to administer the Azure platforms. There are not so many knowledge requirements that the applicants need to satisfy. They include a well-fortified comprehension of core services associated with Azure, workloads for Azure, security, as well as governance. Furthermore, the candidates interested in the role of an Azure Administrator will have to demonstrate their proficiency in utilizing PowerShell, templates for Azure Resource Manager, Azure Portal, and Azure CLI. Thus, you will gain the above-mentioned capabilities by going through the exam process.

  • Expanded Job Opportunities

The ExamSnap Microsoft AZ-104 test and the associated certificate make your CV brighter and more attractive to the managers who are charged with recruitment. If your interest lies in the Cloud computing field, then this exam is what to undertake. Apart from gaining expanded opportunities for jobs, you also get into a career that is more flexible compared to others. The opportunities come as a result of numerous organizations and institutions now shifting all their workloads to a Cloud platform. Some industries that can benefit from your virtuosity are finance, banking, healthcare, insurance, and government institutions.

  • Higher Salaries

Another critical reason to pass the Microsoft AZ-104 test is the opportunity to earn higher salaries as well as being better recognized in the job market. With the associated certificate, you represent what it is all about, and that is the Azure administration skillset. Since the professionals with the Cloud computing skills are now a hot cake, you will be entitled to better packages when it comes to compensation. Looking at what has stated, the average pay for the Azure Administrators is around $108,000 per year.


The structured learning that you go through as well as the benefits of higher salaries and the acquisition of the essential skills are some of the factors that should attract you to the Microsoft AZ-104 exam. Knowing Cloud computing and the Azure environment will help you feel more confident. Moreover, with the rapid growth of technology, your career and your future are secure!

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