Your startup must begin climate action TODAY — here’s how

We all know mitigating the climate crisis is important… but it’s still weirdly easy to push any action to ‘tomorrow’ — especially if you’re a founder stuck in the daily chores of keeping a startup running. 

But you and I both know you need the push to act today. Not only to save the planet (this big round thing we live on), but also to make sure your business will survive.

That’s why I spoke to Tom Raftery, SAP’s Global Vice President and its Futurist & Innovation Evangelist, who’s made it his mission to inspire organizations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions before it’s too late. 

Raftery has suggestions for what you can do right this second, next few weeks, and before the end of this year. But first, let’s get into why exactly you’ve got to get started on your startup’s climate action — even if you’re fully digital. 

Bunch of laws are coming, stay ahead of them

Raftery, who’s speaking at the upcoming TNW Conference 2021, is well aware of the financial pressures startups and bigger organizations face when it comes to decision-making. But if you apply logical thinking, you’ll see the cost of emissions is way higher than the money you may save in the short term.

First up, legal troubles. Raftery says a whole host of climate legislation is coming worldwide and points specifically to the EU’s goal to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030

“I know 2030 sounds like a long way away, but it’s only about eight years. It’s as far away as 2013 is now,” Raftery warns and predicts the actual pressure will be felt much sooner. 

Credit: SAP / Tom Raftery (edited)