Kentucky Derby Payouts: Win Place Show Race Results

This year’s Kentucky Derby produced an all-time upset winner in Rich Strike, which had many scrambling to see what the payout would be for someone who rolled the dice with the longshot. Below are the Kentucky Derby payouts for those who bet correctly on a horse to win, place and show as well as Exacta, Trifecta and Superfecta payouts for the biggest horse race of the year.

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Kentucky Derby payouts

After a thrilling and completely unpredictable 2022 Kentucky Derby, here are what the payouts looked like for the top three horses on a $2 bet.

Rich Strike

  • Win: $163.60
  • Place: $74.20
  • Show: $29.40



Exacta ($2 bet)

Trifecta ($1 bet)

Superfecta ($1 bet)

Below is a chart showing standard horse racing payouts for a $2 win bet. Keep in mind these are approximate payouts as horse racing operates on the pari-mutuel system.

Odds Payout
1-5 $2.40
2-5 $2.80
1-2 $3.00
3-5 $3.20
4-5 $3.60
1-1 $4.00
6-5 $4.40
7-5 $4.80
3-2 $5.00
8-5 $5.20
9-5 $5.60
2-1 $6.00
5-2 $7.00
3-1 $8.00
7-2 $9.00
4-1 $10.00
9-2 $11.00
5-1 $12.00
6-1 $14.00
7-1 $16.00
8-1 $18.00
9-1 $20.00
10-1 $22.00
15-1 $32.00
20-1 $42.00
30-1 $62.00
50-1 $102.00

What is the pari-mutuel betting system?

Pari-mutuel betting is different from fixed-odds wagering, which you see with legal online sportsbooks when betting on the NFL, NBA or MLB. With pari-mutuel betting, all of the bets are placed together in a pool. The track gets a portion of what is bet, which is called the “takeout.” The takeout includes taxes and racetrack expenses.

The final payout in pari-mutuel wagering is not decided until the pool is closed.

Recent Derby example

Last year’s Kentucky Derby was a messy one considering that the initial winner, Medina Spirit, was later disqualified due to drug violations. Medina Spirit bettors still received a payout for the “win,” however, as the race went official.

Medina Spirit got the “win” with 12-1 odds. Mandaloun, which had 26-1 odds, finished second, while Hot Rod Charlie, at 5-1, finished third.

Here were the results with payouts based on $2 wagers.

Medina Spirit

  • Win: $26.20
  • Place: $12
  • Show: $7.60


Hot Rod Charlie

$2 Exacta

$1 Trifecta

$1 Superfecta

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