Alan Dershowitz took his shirt off in a grocery store argument with Larry David about the attorney’s ties to Trump

  • Comedian Larry David reportedly yelled at former Trump attorney Alan Dershowitz in a Martha’s Vineyard grocery store.
  • Dershowitz took his shirt off as David yelled at him, Page Six reported.
  • The attorney was wearing a second t-shirt underneath he says his wife customized for him.

Alan Dershowitz, a former lawyer for President Donald Trump, and Seinfeld executive producer Larry David recently squared off in a Martha’s Vineyard grocery store, Page Six reported.

David was incensed at the Harvard Law professor’s ties to Trump, according to the report.

“I saw you with your arm around Pompeo,” David reportedly said, referring to former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. “It’s disgusting!”

Dershowitz told David that Pompeo is a former student of his, but the television icon apparently didn’t want to hear it.

“It’s disgusting. Your whole enclave — it’s disgusting,” David shouted, according to Page Six. “You’re disgusting!”

And that’s when the tabloid says Dershowitz took his shirt off in a grocery store. Rather than exposing himself to a supermarket full of shoppers, Dershowitz had on a second shirt underneath that read “It’s The Constitution Stupid!”

The lawyer confirmed the brouhaha to Page Six, saying the incident “wasn’t funny at all.” Dershowitz told the tabloid that his wife made him the shirt to combat misconceptions surrounding his legal representation of the former president.

David previously mocked the former president in his hit television show Curb Your Enthusiasmwhere David’s eponymous character wears a red “Make America Great Again” hat because he said it makes for “a great people repellant.”

The grocery store fracas was not Dershowitz’s first in Martha’s Vineyard, the Massachusetts island known for hosting high-profile celebrities. He wrote in an opinion piece for The Hill that some of his “old friends” in the area have since shunned him for helping Trump, in what he equates to a new iteration of McCarthyism.

“I never thought I would see McCarthyism come to Martha’s Vineyard, but I have,” Dershowitz wrote. “But one good thing is that being shunned by some ‘old friends’ on Martha’s Vineyard has taught me who my real friends are and who my fairweather friends were.”

Dershowitz told Page Six that he’s willing to extend an olive branch to David and restore their friendship.

It’s unclear whether the invitation will be accepted anytime soon. When asked in a previous interview if he was worried about alienating himself and his work from Trump supporters, the comedian responded simply:

“Go and alienate, you have my blessing,” David said. “No. I could give a f—.”

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